This year I was honored to have my humble 3 page story published in this beautiful collection of writings and reflections. 

Edited by Lara Medina (Editor) & Martha R. Gonzales, voices from the Ancestors brings together the reflective writings and spiritual practices of Xicanx, Latinx, and Afro-Latinx womxn and male allies in the United States who seek to heal from the historical traumas of colonization by returning to ancestral traditions and knowledge.

This wisdom is based on the authors’ oral traditions, research, intuitions, and lived experiences—wisdom inspired by, and cr...

February 11, 2019

I am so grateful and honored to be part of this creative group of artists! I was too ill to attend the opening, however I know it was a grand and beautiful gathering of artists and community. <3 

Cuentos in Amatl (Stories on Paper) exhibition:
Exhibition dates: Feb 7 thru Feb 28, 2019
Opening Reception: Feb 7, 6pm - 8pm 

Featuring: Celia Herrera Rodriguez, Gilda Posada, Melissa Olague Loera, Margaret 'Quica' Alarcon, Jake Prendez, faculty Raquel Lisette Baker, Theresa Avila and student works from CSUCI course: Memory and Recollection in Xicana/o/x, Art Practice.

CSU Channel...

January 12, 2019

JANUARY 29 2019 - MAY 5, 2019

I am very honored and excited to be chosen to be part of the upcoming group exhibition: Xicanx Futurity. The opening celebration will be held at 2p-4p on Sunday, January, 27 with food, performance and a panel discussion with six artists: Celia Herrera Rodríguez, Felicia “Fe” Montes, Gina Aparicio, Gilda Posada, Melanie Cervantes and Margaret “Quica” Alarcon

I've known, worked and prayed with some of these women for over 20 years and the installation experience at the museum became a deep...

September 30, 2018

SEPTEMBER 29, 2018 - FEBRUARY 16, 2019

What a wonderful night at the Vincent Price Art Museum! it was a night of reconnecting and supporting the extensive, creative work in our community and our creative circles. I was happy to celebrate with Mujeres de Maíz and support Claudia Mercado’s work in the exhibit. Her short film documenting our first year as Mujeres de Maiz and our journey, our creative sisterhood from the late 90’s and beyond. This reunion brings back so many great memories.

I always want to hold o...

August 2, 2018

I'm very excited and honored to be included in this upcoming exhibition!
Mark your calendars for the opening exhibition on Saturday, August 25, 2018, 5-8pm. This will take place at the Cal State Los Angeles Fine Arts Gallery (in the Art Building)

(323) 343-4040

Artists include:

William Acedo, Margaret Alarcon, Judy Baca, Sandow Birk, Chaz Bojorquez, Barbara Carrasco, Yreina Cervantez, Sam Coronado, Alfredo de Batuc, Frank Romero, Roberto Delgado, Victoria Delgadillo, Alex Donis, Richard Duardo, Felipe Ehrenberg, Enik One, Luis Genaro Garcia, Lilia Ramir...

Congratulations to these young and talented artists! Thank you to everyone at Self Help Graphics who made this possible. This week we drew, traced, designed, beveled, carved and inked up our drypoint plates creating some expressive, complex and imaginative self portrait works. We also experimented by adding color to at least one of the prints. 

We started my Drypoint printing "Soy Artista" class at Self Help Graphics and Art in ELA this week. The class allows us 4 days to produce 3 prints where one will be placed on exhibition. Our Soy Artista exhibition will be...

While visiting Georgia, I was able to travel to Montgomery Alabama to visit the Legacy Museum and the Monument for Peace and Justice. Thank you to my 'road dog' Gina Aparicio for sharing this powerful experience with me <3

I truly hope that every person has an opportunity to visit the Museum and the Monument presented by the equal justice initiative or EJI. The memorial is a six-acre sacred space that uses over 800 six foot monuments to honor more than 4400 lynchings of black people in the United States between 1877 and 1950.

"The National Memorial for Peace and Justice, opened to t...

Self Help Graphics & Art in ELA asked me to produce an Intaglio print in their print studio for the 45th Annual Print Fair. I decided to create a 4 plate, paper picado, chine collé aquatint etching. This etching process is rare and requires many steps before and during printing (click on the photos below).

Margaret 'Quica' Alarcón
Ojo del Agua, 2018
4 plate chine collé aquatint etching, Ed. 30
13.75 x 13.75" - image size
22 x 30" - paper size

Ojo del Agua (eye of water) conceptualizes the body-mind-spirit connection to water.  It is a prayer for clarity, consciousness and...

May 31, 2018

Today was a great day in the art room. These are some of the most beautiful personal warrior shields from my 5th grade, El Marino JIP (Japanese Immersion Program) Students. Each shield tells a story about dreams, favs, and accomplishments. 

I have been their art teacher since they were in Kindergarten and now they are ready to graduate into middle school. I am so proud of them and I can see that they have learned so much because they developed their ideas and expressions with joy and determination.

When they were in Kinder, I began working with the PTA to build a strong elementary a...

September 11, 2016

I am so excited to be part of this exhibition at Avenue 50 Studio: "This Used to be Mexico."
A visual response to the turbulent and inflammatory discourse surrounding the 2016 Presidential Elections.

Opening Night Reception: 
Saturday, Sept. 10, 2016 from 7-10 pm

Performance Night: 
Saturday, September 17, at 7pm

Exhibition ends Oct. 1, 2016

Gallery Hours: Tue-Thurs, 10am-4pm | Sat-Sun, 10am-4pm

Visual Art curated by Sybil Venegas and featuring artwork by:
Lalo Alcaraz 
Art Carillo 
Daniel Gonzalez 
Ricardo Duffy 
Jose Lozano 
Linda Vallejo 
Mark Vallen 
Jose Antonio Aguirre 

Reminiscing about the last days at work and I was very happy with the outcomes for our 2nd grade project. I found this Henri Matisse "goldfish" painting lesson on and adapted it to a one hour lesson which was very difficult. However, All five classes did very well as we learned a little geometry and drew ellipses and cylinders then painted our creations. I encouraged students to add the reflections of their goldfishes for a challenge. Enjoy <3

June 11, 2016

This one hour art lesson I designed that was inspired by Patty Palmer of, well... it could get a bit out of control and I was opting to avoid it this year. But one of my students, Rex was looking forward to this lesson all year long. He'd pop up and ask me every month or so..."When do we get to do Jackson Pollock....?"

Last year there was paint and soggy paper everywhere.... it was a mess but we had so much fun! I didn't have the heart to deny him. I figured there were others among my 123, first graders who felt similar....

So, I thought hard, mulled it ove...

June 11, 2016

This year the graduating 5th graders of El Marino Language School in Culver City painted a mural on 4 new handball court walls in one week! 

We learned about Pointillism y Los Tres Grandes of the Mexican Mural Movement. We used our names within colored dots to fill in our silhouettes on the walls, honoring and supporting bilingualism in education: Understanding others through Language.

It was exhausting for myself and our team of parents to prepare and work on the mural in such a short amount of time! Thanks to all the parents and students who worked to make it all ha...

May 14, 2016

Body Politic is an Exhibition inspired by the documentary, "No Más Bebés" by film director, Renee Tajima-Peña and producer, Virginia Espino

Margaret 'Quica' Alarcón (That's me!),

Lili Bernad,

Alisa Gabrielle Blatt,

Yreina Cervantez,

Mita Cuaron,

Poli Marichal,

Noni Olabisi, and

Toni Scott! 

The exhibition runs from May 14 to June 5, 2016. 

Avenue 50 Studio, Inc.

131 N. Avenue 50

Highland Park, CA 90042

hours: Tues-Thur, Sat & Sun. 10 am - 4pm

April 29, 2016

This week my 2nd graders talked about geometry, the mosaic process, the Watts Towers, and the biology and history of sharks. We even talked about "Megalodon" the famous prehistoric shark! 
Art based education is so much fun! We are very lucky our school supports the arts and arts based education! 

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September 30, 2018

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